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What is the best Free Fire sensitivity? See tips and recommended settings 2022

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Here’s how to improve your aim free fire sensitivity within Garena’s battle royale to provide easier cover and smoother aiming

One of the most effective points for winning matches in Free Fire, Garena’s battle royale, is to have a good aim set-up. This is because, as in all other shooting games, achieving good accuracy to eliminate opponents with a single shot is essential.

A good sensitivity setting is one of the most important points to be able to perform the action quickly. This depends, however, on the player’s comfort level in conjunction with the characteristics of the device being used for the game.

Besides the factor that the player can inflict more damage by shooting directly at the head, some shots are immediately lethal, depending on the distance between opponents and the quality of the weapon chosen.

The sensitivity settings include five main points: General, Red Dot, Aim 2x, Aim 4x, Aim AWM, and Look.

The different sensitivity settings


Red Dot

2x Sighting

Sighting 4x

Sighting AWM


Below are the recommended settings, on average, for good sensitivity:

Free Fire’s Best Sensitivity

This base setting is widely used by both Android and iOS users, but can be customized to each player’s perceptions.

To change the sensitivity, simply access the Settings gear and click on the second topic, where it is written “Sensitivity”. Once this is done, the player is ready to start training


These are some of the most frequently asked questions when searching for Free Fire sensitivities:

How to find the ideal sensitivity in free fire?

To find the ideal point of the sensitivities, you should spend several games observing your gameplay, until you have made the best setting for you. Don’t just rely on others’ recommendations, go to the menu and find the ideal value within what we recommend.

What is the best sensitivity for playing free fire?

The best sensitivities to adjust are: General 85-100, Red dot 85-100, 2x 75-90, 4x 75-90 AWM: 20-30 and Look 50-80.

What is the best sensitivity for giving cover in free fire?

To hit the head in Free Fire with greater ease, you must keep the values within the standard that we have given here. Remember, you can not give that strong spasm with the finger up, finger control is essential for experienced players.


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