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Was the identity of Raymond “Red” Reddington finally revealed?


Black list It is nearing the end of its eighth season. Episode 21 already aired at the beginning of the week in the United States. He may have told us the true identity of Raymond “Red” Reddington.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers in recent seasons of The Blacklist. If you are still late for some episodes, it would be best not to continue reading.

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The blacklist, a cat-and-mouse game

Before continuing, it is probably best to summarize the plot of the series quickly. Don’t worry, we’ll be as synthetic as possible.

Blacklist primarily focuses on two characters: Elizabeth “Liz” Kane, a young FBI recruit, and Raymond “Red” Reddington, a former US Navy officer who is being pursued by the authorities and one of the bureau’s most wanted fugitives.

It all starts when Red makes his own way to the headquarters to ask to speak to Liz. Then he reveals to the Bureau that he is ready to cooperate with the latter and bring to him the greatest criminals in the world.

The office accepts and a task force is set up around Red’s infamous blacklist.

Thus each episode focuses on a criminal who gets caught. Except that in parallel, there is also a red thread. Nobody understands what connects Red with Liz and why the latter chose to open up and just talk to her.

Over the course of the seasons, we discover that there is a close bond that unites them, a bond that has given life to many theories among netizens. This also earned us some slopes. Among them, in particular, was one very distinguished: the Ring of Bones.

Over the course of the season, Red sets out on the heels of one of his former lieutenants, a lieutenant with a briefcase full of human bones. And then we learned that these actually belonged to… Raymond Reddington.

The Multiple Identities of Raymond “Red” Redington

This moment clearly marked a turning point in the history of the series. Just when we all thought Red was actually Liz’s father, this revelation made us question everything we thought we took for granted.

The Blacklist writers have of course played a lot on this, and published many clues to mislead us. Until this episode where Liz’s grandfather pretends to tell her the truth.

Dom, Katharina’s father, tells her that Raymond Reddington is dead and that Katharina’s best friend, Ilya Koslov, has agreed to undergo plastic surgery to replace him, thus being able to protect his friend. , whom he secretly loves, and his daughter Masha, who is none other than Liz.

Frankly, we believed it. At least for a few episodes and until the appearance of the real Ilya Koslov, played by Brett Cullen. Then the cards were redistributed.

An episode that changed everything

Liz, of course, didn’t handle this new lie very well, and so she began maneuvering to try and find Red’s true identity, and this was more or less when her mother chose to return to her life and that of her daughter.

Katrina has already revealed herself to her after pretending to be her neighbour. Then I did everything to keep him away from Reed’s influence.

Until this fateful incident, where the latter kills her to silence her, under the eyes of Liz. It’s an important moment that marked a break in the history of the series, but also of the character Megan Boone embodied. Liz has already left the task force to turn to the side of crime and do everything possible to kill her mother’s killer.

Which then leads him to get dangerously close to Neville Townsend, a man haunted by the death of his family. On N13, a mysterious spy who was believed to be Catarina dies.

Only he was wrong. And so Liz teaches him that Catarina is not N13 and that this spy was actually… Raymond. And so Townsend agreed to cooperate with Liz and help her get revenge on Red.

In his quest for revenge, Townsend ends up capturing an old Russian friend of Raymond, a Russian friend who reveals important information to Raymond… and changes everything. Townsend then turns on Liz, whom he seeks to capture in order to kill her… before Red’s eyes.

Katharina Rostova’s story

Which brings us to the episode that aired earlier this week in the US.

After Raymond rescues him, the latter agrees to follow Red to finally discover the whole truth.

Together they leave for a lost corner of Europe, where Red reveals to him that he created an independent intelligence system from archives obtained when he was N13.

However, this is not the most interesting. Episode 21 does not focus on this system but rather on the story of Liz and Reed. With many discoveries in the key…in the form of insights featuring all the main characters who gravitated around the former FBI agent.

We learn that Katharina grew up to be a KGB spy. So much so that Dom, her father, chose her husband… but also her lover. To get information from the United States, he actually pushed his daughter to approach an analyst working in the US Navy: Raymond Reddington.

Unable to oppose her father, she accepts her and ends up being pregnant by her lover. Pregnant with Masha, who later became Liz.

A story of love and betrayal

We then find out that Katharina not only worked for the KGB and that Kabale also recruited her, making her a double agent. Until her cover explodes and she finds herself being chased from all sides.

Raymond, for his part, ends up learning the truth. Then he took his daughter with him as well as a fulcrum, something that proves the existence of Cabal. But Katrina ends up finding him, and an argument erupts between the two former lovers. Confused, Liz picks up a gun and shoots her father. Let her touch. A scene already mentioned in the early seasons of The Blacklist.

And this is where things take an interesting turn.

Later in the episode, we already learn that Dom, Katharina’s father, asked Elijah to recruit another spy to act as his daughter. The idea is to display her death in front of the KGB so that the latter believes her dead and stops looking for her.

However, everything does not go as planned and this spy manages to escape after witnessing the death of her husband. Then she decides to continue being Katharina Rostova… and it’s who Liz ends up meeting. She is also the one that Red kills in front of the latter.

Red’s true identity

Then Katharina, the real one, explains that she ran away with Elijah and placed Liz with an adoptive father, fearing for her safety.

But now, without money, his escape seemed to have gone badly, and so Elijah had the idea to impersonate Raymond Reddington in order to withdraw the remaining funds on the fake accounts opened by the KGB. Accounts that were intended to condemn him and better control him.

This part of the story, we already knew. It was already part of Dom’s revelations. However, this was not entirely accurate.

Liz already learns then that the experience made Katharina and Elijah realize that Raymond Reddington can be an asset and that his character can help them, but also Masha, stay safe.

It was then that Liz’s mother explained to her that she had to create this character from scratch. But just as she is about to reveal Red’s true identity to him, Townsend and his forces storm in and shoot everything. Liz was hit in the stomach, but Red managed to drag her into a shelter under their feet.

A character created from scratch by

The episode then ends with the death of Townsend, who is burned alive after igniting a flammable gas dating back to the Soviet era.

If Katarina doesn’t have time to reveal Red’s true identity, this episode still features several sequences that focus on the birth of Red’s character. And so we see someone undergoing massive plastic surgery slipping into Liz’s father’s skin.

Someone Katrina should fully trust because she was responsible for ensuring her daughter’s safety.

Someone who couldn’t be Elijah, the only person the spy really trusted.

No doubt you’ll understand this, but at this point, there’s only one possibility left: it was Katharina who slipped into the character’s skin… to become Raymond “Red” Reddington.

It should also be noted that this theory has been circulating for a few years on the web. And even if caution is always in order, this ring seems to give her a lot of body.

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