Top 15 Thermomix recipes according to our experts

Surely if you decided to buy this well-known food processor it was because in the presentation of it they cooked a dish so fast and easy that left you with your mouth open, or because your mother, sister or best friend assured you that there was a recipe that was worth making with it because it never failed. Whatever it is, the truth is that we all have a favorite recipe to make with this one and today we are going to tell you what are top 15 best Thermomix recipes according to our experts.

Of course, any of them can be prepared without the help of this robot, but we must admit that when you try it you get hooked, because you don’t have to stir for fear of food sticking, because you don’t have to dirty ten kitchen utensils and because the recipes always come out round. Can you ask for more? These are our favorite recipes, what’s yours?

1.Arroz caldo

In general, all rice dishes come out great with the Thermomix, both rice broths and risottos, as well as rice for sushi or simply boiled rice. The point that is achieved is perfect, and I tell you someone who finds it very difficult to get the cooking point to this cereal. It is enough to follow to the letter the times that mark the recipes and the result will conquer you.




Earlier I told you that more than one of us has bought this robot because we fell in love with a recipe. I recognize that this is what happened to me with lasagna, a recipe that I was very lazy to make. Since I got the Thermomix I have never again prepared a béchamel sauce or a Bolognese sauce without it. The result is always impeccable, especially the bechamel in which no lumps are formed. a delight!


3.Salmorejo and gazpacho

I have a friend who bought a Thermomix just to make gazpacho. The anecdote is totally true although it sounds a bit snobbish, but I have to admit that these two cold soups are nailed with this food processor. As always with traditional recipes, the amount of ingredients may vary a little, but that is up to the consumer’s taste and I assure you that it will not interfere at all in the final result. Try it and let us know.




4.Vegetable cream

All the creams are perfect with the Thermomix, especially the zucchini and pumpkin creams, to which it is not necessary to add cream or milk to make them creamy, because the blades of the robot are so powerful that the ingredients are crushed without even the slightest particle being noticed (something that children appreciate). In addition, that in the same container you can cook and crush the cream, without having to use another appliance is very convenient.



The croquette dough is one of the heaviest preparations to make because it requires having to stir the pan all the time so that the mixture does not stick. With the Thermomix you can forget about that, it is very convenient to make the béchamel sauce and the frying of the ingredients in the same glass, you will save a lot of time and the result is always great.



In my family, Friday dinner is reserved for homemade pizza, we don’t even need to think about what we want to make for dinner, so having the Thermomix at hand is a real breakthrough, because the dough in general and the pizza dough in particular, always come out perfect. What I do is to let it rise inside the glass and wait for the dough to come out of the nozzle to know that it has risen enough.


7.Brazo de gitano filled with pastry dough

I remember when I was a child and my mother used to prepare this recipe as a Sunday dessert. I can see her stirring the casserole with a wooden spoon so that the cream would not cut and being careful not to form lumps. The first time I made a pastry dough filled gypsy arm I found it so easy that since then it is one of the star recipes in my repertoire of recipes with Thermomix.


8.jam recipe

All of you who have made jams, jellies and chutneys with Thermomix will have to recognize that it is a most rewarding task because it does not dirty the kitchen and washing the glass of the food processor does not require any effort. Since I have it I have not had to throw any fruit no matter how ripe it has become, because preparing a jam is the best solution so that this does not happen.


9.Triple chocolate cake thermomix

I think the three chocolates cake was the first one I made with Thermomix, besides being delicious it is visually beautiful. The only thing you should keep in mind to make it great is that you have to let one layer cool well before pouring the other on top, and when you do it, do it slowly. I assure you that it is a recipe that hooks you.



At home, brioches are a big hit in both winter and summer. Although when it’s hot it’s hard to turn on the oven, it’s hard to resist a special Sunday breakfast, accompanying the brioche with a delicious glass of chocolate milk. The recipe I make for the roscón de reyes is practically the same, you can find it in Directo al Paladar. The only thing is to respect the leavening times, do not forget it.


11.Orange Sponge Cake 

Although it sounds a little strange the first time you hear that a whole orange is used to make this cake, with skin and all, once you have tasted the result you forget that at the time you opened your eyes like saucers. If you have the Thermomix and you have never made this recipe I ask you to try it, it is simply perfect.


12.cheesecake coulant

Cheesecakes are one of the favorite recipes of all Thermomix users, but especially this coulant type, with a creamy interior that lifts you to seventh heaven at the first bite. Let it cool completely before serving, so it is necessary that you calculate the time you need to make it in advance.


13.Rice pudding

Another mythical recipe to make with Thermomix is rice pudding. Forget about the wooden spoon to stir for a long time, because you won’t need it. Surely this recipe is among your favorites and you would not change your food processor for any other.

Ingredients: Whole milk 1.5 l, Round rice 200 g, Lemon peel (yellow part only) 1/2, Orange peel (yellow part only) 1/2, Cinnamon stick 1, Salt, Sugar 180 g, Unsalted butter 70 g, Ground cinnamon (for sprinkling).

Preparation: Put the butterfly on the blades. Put the milk, rice, lemon and orange peel, cinnamon and salt in the mixing bowl. Program 45 min/90ºC/speed 1. Add the sugar and the butter. Program 10 min/90ºC/vel 1. Remove the lemon and orange peels and the cinnamon stick. Divide the rice pudding among 6 individual plates or bowls and let it cool. Serve sprinkled with ground cinnamon.

14.Cheese flan

The cheese flan made with the Thermomix does not need cooking and the result is absolutely delicious. You have to see how many recipes we can make with this food processor in which we can control the ingredients to obtain the most nutritionally adequate result for our family. This recipe in particular is one of the most appreciated by all Thermomix users.



With Thermomix there are recipes that are not at all lazy to make, on the contrary, and also automatically transport us to the flavors of our childhood. In this recipe in particular the whole eggs are used, so you will not have uncomfortable leftovers inside the fridge that you do not know in which recipe to invest.




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