Some Amazing Facts About Cats That You Probably Never Heard

Cats have fascinated humans for millennia. From their earlobes to their wagging tails, it’s hard for us humans to ignore the mystery and beauty of cats. And if you’re looking for some amazing cat facts to share with your cat-loving friends, we’ve got just the thing.

1-A cat that blinks slowly at you shows its confidence

Cats, like many other representatives of the animal world, use their eyes as one of the ways to convey their feelings. You may have seen two cats looking at each other as if they were about to fight, you may have also noticed a cat looking intently into your eyes, and he may have even threatened you a bit.

It turns out that in the cat world, direct and prolonged eye contact is a sign of threat or defiance, while a cat that blinks slowly at you means it’s showing you trust and love.

If you’re meeting a cat for the first time, you should first be prepared to study it, and if it senses that you’re not a threat, it will eventually look away and blink slowly, conveying its trust to you.

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2- Gloom can tell you a lot

While it seems obvious that the average cat should purr, we never really think about why they do it. It turns out that growling is a very common way to communicate different emotions and even minor requests. First of all, cats purr when they are completely satisfied with what happens to them; when the cat is in his favorite place, has a person he trusts, is not hungry and is slowly falling asleep, he will not miss the opportunity. Share his content with the world.

There are also cases where cats purr for the exact opposite reason: when they are hungry. Studies have shown that this is a different type of sound, although it is also recognized as a whisper. The hungry growl is slightly merged with the sound of a crying human baby (probably so that the human is ready to respond immediately to its owner’s needs). This means you have to be more careful not to miss their cat’s lunch.

Little kittens, even when they are only a few days old, purr to let their mother know they are doing well. On the other hand, mother cats use the same sound to soothe their babies. You could say that purring is a cat’s lullaby. And it’s not surprising that sometimes a cat can easily put an adult to sleep by purring.

Sometimes cats growl when they are nervous or even in pain. Various studies have shown that in addition to calming a cat, purring can help heal bones and wounds by making breathing easier. Not surprisingly, cats are good survivors, especially after a fall from height.

A good cat will also try to use the magical power of its purr on a sick person, and the healing effect is sometimes shocking, you just have to trust your pet’s best intentions.

3- Cats only meow at people

Cats are capable of making about 100 different sounds to communicate with each other. They moan, whisper, yap, howl and growl. But it turns out that meowing, which we think of as the most obvious way cats communicate, is not particularly natural for these creatures.

Research has shown that meowing was developed as a way for cats to communicate with humans and is an adaptation of the cat’s natural voice to human language. In a feral cat society, you won’t hear any meowing and you’ll never see a cat meow unless it has been raised around humans and developed this habit from a young kitten.

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4- The cat rubs its face against you

It’s no secret that cats are not like dogs. They are not as loyal as dogs, they are unlikely to show you affection and probably stick to the behavioral pattern of master and slave because you are the last. However, they are not completely heartless.

Sometimes, if you really and truly deserve it, your cat can be kind enough to express certain feelings, rubbing his face against your leg is the most obvious sign that your cat loves you. Cats also express their love for each other or greet their partners after some time of separation by touching, so it is a kind of analogue of human hugs.

5- Cats and boxes. What’s the problem?

The strange feeling cats have for boxes is no secret. You may buy tons of special toys for your pet and probably only see indifference and disdain in his bored eyes. But try leaving an empty box, small, large, new or old, smelly and rotten, and you’ll give your cat the best gift imaginable. So what’s the problem with these boxes? Many researchers have tried to solve this mystery, and there is still no clear answer.

Some of them say that cats, being natural predators, like to hide in boxes, as if it’s easier for them to hunt from there, although if you’ve ever seen a cat in a box, you can’t see any desire to do anything but sleep in their eyes. . Others say that boxes that simulate indoor spaces help reduce a cat’s stress level, which seems like a more logical explanation.

Another explanation is that the boxes help cats stay warm. Cats are known to be more tolerant of higher temperatures than humans, and are probably just trying to make sure they don’t catch a cold during a long nap in the box.

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6- Cats dream like humans

You may have seen your cat behaving strangely while sleeping: shivering, moving its paws, sometimes even smiling. It turns out that dreaming is quite normal for cats. With an average of 16 to 18 hours of sleep per day, cats need much more than they actually get.

Scientists say that their dreams are very similar to those of humans, although less abstract. It is also thought that they do not completely distinguish dreams from reality. So even though they sleep most of the time, cats can lead quite interesting lives.

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