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Gamergen is the best site for high tech games and video games. It’s now available on YouTube with new videos and interviews as well as quizzes and videos. We highlight the main features of this website throughout this article.

History and origin of Gammergen

Gamergen was founded in 2001 By Laurent and Frédéric, two friends. Both of them passionate about video games and new technology. The site quickly gained popularity due to its technical expertise and independence. The site offers news, previews and reviews, as well as videos and forums.

MEDIAGEN currently includes eight sites: PS3Gen, PSVitaGen, PSPGen, XboxGen, WiiGen, DSGen, AndroidGen, and iPhoneGen. Each site had its own style, dedicated team and identity. This uniqueness is due to the fact that you really could not imagine that in 2005 psp generation (later to become PSPGen) he will lead this group of sites that has its place in the world of French-speaking games. Each site was launched according to your requests, our wishes and the motivation given by the news.

Since the middle of 2008, we have gone on another adventure. Although our sites are not practically unified, they have been visually integrated. A new interface has been created and first of all we have more options as we have moved to a company. We started curating more information, offering tests, and poking our noses at trade shows to connect with publishers to offer them richer content.

We have established a professional editorial team since 2011 in addition to our authors. This major change was the beginning of a new goal for us, to be able to play in the same league as other French-speaking professional sites.

2012 was not an easy year. You have been nearly 20 million visitors to our sites (19,985,607 to be exact). We have published 15,125 articles and matching papers as well as files, an average of 41 posts per day. Despite all this professionalism, you may have noticed that we haven’t changed the way we do and see things. We will never lose the independence of spirit that defines us.

While we are proud of our progress, we have to admit that our interface was becoming dated and outdated. We were also getting penalized more and more for having eight different sites. This required readers to create as many accounts as possible to participate. It was not a pleasant everyday experience. Finally, with our attendance statistics spread across eight sites, our visibility with advertisers/publishers is not always easy to identify.

It was important to redesign all our sites to make them more accessible, more modern, and to explore how we could connect all the sites without losing the specialization of each one. We originally thought of creating a portal that would aggregate all the information from each site in 2010, but that didn’t work out because it would have added one site to the eight that already existed.

We started thinking about consolidating all our sites into one domain. One site, one domain name. However, we didn’t want it to be a generic site with all the news. We wanted to keep each universe behind us, a specialized group, so that someone who only needs information about the PS3, for example, can stay in the PS3 section and find dedicated people who know what they’re talking about. We wanted to create a unique website with as many enthusiasts behind it as possible. This is how it was born

“Gamergen” was completely renovated in 2009

The site has seen many changes over the years to keep up with current trends. The site was completely redesigned in 2009 to make it more user-friendly. To reach a wider audience, a mobile version of the site was launched in 2012. Finally, Gamergen made available on YouTube in 2015. There are videos, reviews, interviews and more. You can also post about video games through the forum Gamergen and Habbo social media network.

Main features of Gamergen

The website has several sections.

  • news
  • Previews
  • Reviews
  • Testing
  • Videos:
  • Forums:

The news section contains the latest news from the world of technology and video games. It is updated daily. The Previews section brings you exclusive previews of the latest games. The Reviews section allows you to find or rediscover the most popular games. The “Tests” section allows you to learn all about the latest games before you buy them. The Videos section offers a wide selection of videos including gameplays, trailers, and more. You can now find gamergen on YouTube. All our videos can be found on our YouTube channel through us youtube tutorial.

Gamergen, for whom?

Gamergen, a website dedicated to video games and high-tech products. It offers news, reviews, trailers and information on the latest hardware, software and products. A community forum allows players to discuss their favorite games. Gamergen is the best resource for anyone who wants to stay up to date with the latest video games and technology. Gamergen provides tons of tips, tricks, and instructions to help you get the most out of your games. Join the Gamergen community now!

This article has been brought to your attention Gamergen. is the #1 site for high tech and video games. For more news, reviews and videos, visit

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