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Reptiles are a putative breed of intelligent, supernatural, or highly evolved humans found in myths, popular fiction, pseudoscientific theories, and in the writings of New Age conspiracy theorists. They also appear in some conspiracy theories, notably those of Riley Martin, John Rhodes, and David Ike, and in science fiction.

Reptiles, a word used to identify reptiles and humans, is the most common noun used to describe these cryptic creatures, although some authors also refer to them as dinosaurs or lizards. Other names are also used such as Draconians, Saurials, or Sauroids. These organisms are often described as green or golden in color.


But until now, no one has provided official evidence for the existence of human-like reptiles, and claims to their existence can be described as cryptozoology or pseudoscience.

Legendary references to human reptiles

Many ancient peoples around the world described reptilian beings, and some described human-like reptiles. In many myths, one thus finds tales of reptilian (usually non-human) beings that are often, but not always, hostile to humans. The legends of the “snakes of wisdom”, which enlightened mankind before the dawn of civilization, are also very common.

Some people, questioning claims of sightings or contact with human reptiles, suggest that the mythical prominence of reptilian forms may stem from a genetic memory of instincts that evolved millions of years ago when mammals were prey to reptiles that dominated Earth.

Reptiles and Greek Mythology

The association of reptiles with Greek culture finds its basis in many mythological tales about dragons and snakes. One such story is about Cecrops. Cecrops was a king of Athens and is said to have been born from the same land. The upper half is in the shape of a man and the lower half is in the form of a snake. He is considered the founder and first king of Athens.

Cecrops was also a cultural hero, teaching Athenians marriage, reading, writing, and funeral services. According to conspiracy theorists, it is possible that Reptiles sought to bring in selected, well-educated beings to serve their purpose under the Reptile deities. There was also a goddess called Echidna, the wife of Typhon in Greek mythology, who was half woman and half serpent. Other well-known deities include Gaia, Uranus, and Zeus, among others. However, only Cecrops, Echidna, and Medusa have been depicted as reptiles (so far).

Scientific speculation

In a thought experiment published in 1982, paleontologist Dale Russell, curator of vertebrate fossils at the Canadian National Museum in Ottawa, predicted that if the Chickxulub meteorite had not wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, then bipedal predators (theropods) would have existed at the time , like Troodon, may have evolved into intelligent beings similar in body shape to humans. Troodontids had toes that were capable of grasping and gripping objects to some extent, and binocular vision.

Like most dinosaurs in the Troodontidae family, this imaginary creature, which Russell called a “tyrannosaurus,” had large eyes and three fingers on each hand, one of which would have been partially opposed. As with most modern reptiles (and birds), their reproductive organs were internal.

This organism would have needed a navel, says Russell, because the placenta would aid in the development of a larger brain, but it would not have mammary glands, and would have nursed its babies, like birds, through regurgitated food. His language was like a bird’s song.

Russell’s fanciful speculation has been criticized by other paleontologists since the 1980s, with many noting that Russell’s dinosaur was highly anthropomorphic.

Conspiracy Theories – David Ike

There are many conspiracy theories involving extraterrestrial reptiles, or earthlings of the reptilian lineage. Many claim that the so-called grays are actually reptiles, and they should be categorized as “reptiles.” Others say reptiles are an entirely different species working with or opposing Grays. Some have also claimed that they are capable of change (Icke, 2004).

According to British conspiracy theorist David Ike, human-like reptiles are the force behind a global plot to manipulate and control humanity. He argues that most of our world’s leaders, from George W. Bush to members of the British royal family, are actually blood-drinking reptiles from the Alpha Draconia star system.

According to an interview with David Icke, Christine Fitzgerald, a confidant of Diana, Princess of Wales, claimed that Diana explained to her that the royal family were extraterrestrial reptiles, and that they could change their appearance. David Ike and others have also claimed that US President George W. Bush and his family are of the same lineage.

Ike claims, through his exploration of genealogical relationships with European monarchs, that many US presidents were and still are reptiles. According to him, the foreign policy of the United States after September 11th is the product of a reptilian conspiracy aimed at enslaving mankind, in which George W. Bush was a servant of the lizards. He also assumed that reptiles came from the constellation Draco.

One of the reptilian entities that people see in the alleged encounters is said to resemble reptiles such as those discussed in studies by John Rhodes and the Reptoides Research Center. But like most conspiracy theories, proving Ike’s assumptions is impossible, which does not prevent him from continuing to sell books and give lectures based on his political views.

Reptiles, lovers of human blood and brain

You may be wondering: What do human reptiles eat? According to some, they like to drink human blood. However, reptiles wouldn’t say no to the human brain either. It is believed that they prefer children’s brains because children are said to be purer and their tissues contain fewer toxins than adults.

The blood can also be used by reptiles to keep track of their lineage. For example, the belief is that in 4800 BC. JC, The intersecting races gave rise to the civilizations of Egypt, Babylon, and others. Therefore, according to Icke, humans became civilized through interbreeding.

Icke also says that in areas where cross cultures come from (like Turkey and Iran), there are more people with a rare blood type known as Rh and Rh negative (found in reptiles!)

How to identify a human reptile?

Unfortunately, the man behind the reptile theory, David Icke, hasn’t revealed how he spotted reptiles trying to trick us humans into believing they are one of us.

However, others who believe in this conspiracy theory have it. So how do you tell if a human is actually a reptile? Well, first of all, most reptiles will have green or hazel eyes that can change color. But some reptiles can also have blue eyes. The most important thing is that their eyes are sharp.

Reptiles also tend to have red hair and strange scars on their bodies. They also have low blood pressure, good eyesight and hearing, sympathy for the fate of mankind, love of science and space, their contacts with aliens, and extraterrestrial contacts.

Reptiles also seem to have the ability to disable electrical devices.

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